Procedure for scheduling a re-match

It is the responsibility of the coach to reschedule a match that was not played on our home fields. 

Fields and referees are generally available Friday nights for re-matchs. Only here you are always welcome, together with is syndicate casino legit you have no equal! Some weeks can be challenging because of overlap with vacation season or difficulty in lining up a minimum number of players. Soccer Chelsea can also be short in referees some weeks.

We suggest that you:

  • survey your own players,
  • determine a few Friday alternatives
  • contact the coach of the opposing team using the e-mail facility of PTS.
  • propose the dates to the visiting coach.  
    • If Fridays are tough for the visiting coach, you might propose your practice night.
    • Alternatively, we can sometimes find “holes” in the field schedule to accommodate a re-match.
    • Saturday mornings, or late Sunday afternoons are good options too.
    • Evening re-matches should begin at 18:30 as it starts to get darker by August

Once you settle on a date, have the visiting coach confirm their agreement to the new date via e-mail.

Forward the e-mail to Tim Rumball who will work with our fields co-ordinator to confirm a field and referee. You can use the “Contact Us” form below and select “Schedule a Re-Match”.

Tim will call ARSO to confirm the re-match and have them update PTS.

Note that the ARSO will begin to hound coaches if there isn’t a re-match date set by mid-August. All re-matches must take place by Aug 31st.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Rumball, or your age group co-ordinator.

Extract below from the ARSO Rule.  PLease consult the ARSO website for complete competition rules:

2.5.2 Postponement of a Game

A game can be postponed only if:

  • The temperature forces it (e.g. thunderstorm) and only the referee of the game can determine this on site.
  • The playing field is considered impracticable by the referee, the LRSO or the municipality.
  • The Director or the coordinator of the LRSO authorize it after an agreement was made between the two coaches. This authorization must be received at least four (4) days before the planned game to be rescheduled.

The league is responsible for the postponement of the games. The league director or coordonnator will get in touch with the teams’ involved,via the coaches, to suggest two different Friday nights. Then, he will talk with the club hosting the game to reserve a field and a referee. The postponed game should not be played any later than two weeks from it’s original scheduled date.

Articles 3.3 will apply in the event that only one team or no team shows up for the rescheduled game. The team(s) involved will also loose their behaviour points.

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