Duties and functions of Coordinators and Board Members (more to come).

Age Group Coordinators

Separate boys and girls – (5/6; 7/8; U10B/G; U12B/G; U14B/G; U16-U18B/G)

Note: The coordinator must work with the ‘whole’ age group, not just one team. Age group Coordinators and the Program Coordinator work together to plan the best program for the ‘whole’ group – not just ‘select’ teams or the ‘development’ group.

Once the season begins – communication is the key. Only here you are always welcome, together with syndicate casino bonus codes you have no equal! The age group coordinator is the voice for that age group (i.e., U10 boys program). The volunteer coaches go the coordinator/ but at the same time, the age group coordinator has a team of support people to draw upon starting with the technical coordinator, program coordinator, technical director, LRSO representative and hired technical trainer.  

Duties and functions:

  • Provide a regular communication link/support to their age group coaches (mostly electronic) throughout the season.
  • Take an inventory of returning and/ or potential coaches. Recruit coaches.
  • Help in the planning process and implementation for team sorting and selecting (set dates and participate in discussions); Coordinator takes a leadership/ facilitator role amongst the coaches throughout teams sorting and selecting…they keep involved until everyone is sorted.
  • Participate in discussions about technical support tools needed by the age group coaches specifically
  • Help at registration night – coach recruitment and answering questions (usually parents) about how team sorting and selecting is going to work
  • Encourage the participation of age group coaches in training
  • Participate in the planning of special technical activities for players and coaches



Global Responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinate communication within the club and with the general public
  • Organize and publicize Annual General Meeting (November)

Record Keeping:

  • Prepare written minutes of all executive meetings (including AGM)
  • Maintain electronic file system in secure location on Soccer Chelsea website. Includes minutes from executive meetings and AGM, as well as correspondence issued by executive members and historical documentation.
Administrative Duties:
  • Organize meetings of the executive by reserving a meeting room and informing executive members of the time and location
  • Prepares, in concert with the president, the agenda.
  • Prepare correspondence as required on behalf of the executive


Director of Uniforms and Equipment

At end of season:

  • Collect all equipment from each team and prepare a detailed written inventory of Club uniforms for all age groups (to include goalie shirts and gloves) and useable equipment available for next season
  • Arrange for proper storage of uniforms and equipment in off season (dry, safe place)
  • Maintain written inventory of uniforms and equipment loaned to teams in off season for purposes of playing indoor soccer. 

During off-season:

  • Liaise with suppliers to obtain prices and delivery timeframes for new uniforms and equipment
  • Prepare an order(s) for new uniforms and equipment required for the coming year, to be presented for approval by the Executive
  • Following approval by the executive and in collaboration with the Treasurer, order from the selected suppliers, and follow-up as necessary to ensure goods are received at least two months before start of season 

Prior to start of season:

  • Collect and inventory uniforms and equipment that were loaned to teams during the off season
  • Prepare and deliver uniforms and equipment to team managers in advance of the season (ensuring sufficient numbers), and maintain records of all uniforms and equipment provided to each team at start of season
  • Arrange for supplies of shin pads, shorts, and socks to be available for purchase through local retailers, ensure parents are informed about these suppliers, and serve as the Club contact with retailers for this purpose
  • Organize a soccer equipment exchange during the weeks before the season;
  • Serve as the contact for Chelsea teams and parents on any issues raised
  • For teams where the executive authorizes financial deposits from players in return for the use of jerseys, collect deposits, maintain written records of deposits, and arrange for return of deposits, in consultation with the Treasurer 

During the season:

  • Liaise with local retailers regarding the availability of uniforms

Note: equipment includes game and practice balls, ball bags, nets, velcro net ties, step ladders, corner flags, sideline flags, cones, whistles, keys, air pumps and needles;


Coordinator, Field Schedule 

  • Create field schedule for early season (before games start and if required, after games end); so all teams have a practice space/field
  • Work with Technical Coordinator to schedule all clinics, camps and tournaments
  • Work with the Meredith Center to coordinate scheduling with other clubs in Chelsea
  • Work with ARSO to manage any scheduling conflicts.
  • Once game schedules are posted; insert games from all leagues into master schedule; then add practice times for all teams. Post on web; send to coaches.
  • Work with coaches to re-schedule cancelled games
  • Act as contact for additional requests for field space for games or practices 

Assistant Adult Coordinator, Senior Teams

  • Plan and coordinate Soccer Chelsea’s adult Senior teams which play in the LSSO;
  • Represent Soccer Chelsea at regular meetings of the LSSO if ARSO coordinator not available 
  • Work in collaboration with the Adult Coordinator to represent the interests of the Senior teams
  • Work with adult team captains to coordinate recruitment and movement of players to and across Senior teams to provide opportunities for players to play on teams commensurate with their abilities and interests;
  • Support the Chelsea Equipment Coordinator to ensure equipment needs of Senior teams are met;
  • Communicate league rules and directives to team captains/managers and where necessary to the executive;
  • Update content for Senior teams section of the Soccer Chelsea website;
  • Assist in club registration activities;
  • Respond to inquiries related to Senior soccer in Chelsea;
  • Other related duties to support Soccer Chelsea.

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