Bilingualism Policy


Soccer Chelsea is a bilingual (English and French) volunteer club that provides players of all ages with an opportunity to have fun while improving their soccer skills.

Soccer Chelsea relies completely on volunteers. Only here you are always welcome, together with syndicate casino no deposit bonus you have no equal! As a result, our coaches and other volunteers are not always able to provide bilingual instruction and communication. It is therefore the responsibility of all members of the club, including parents of children in the club, to assist in providing bilingual communication.

Written Communication

Written communication to the public and the content of our Web site are fully bilingual.

All written communication from Soccer Chelsea to coaches, and from co-ordinators to players and parents, is presented in a bilingual format. The Club requires volunteers who are able to translate the content of communications.

Bilingual Policy/Templates Available on Soccer Chelsea Web site

Basic templates (to be developed) in a bilingual format are available on the website to assist coaches in providing standard text, such as game and practice schedules, for example. Additional information provided by the coaches may be written in either French or English and translated by a parent of a child on that team, if the team so desires.

Communication involving Soccer Chelsea Coaches

Soccer Chelsea seeks coaches who are bilingual, when possible. However, when a unilingual coach is the most appropriate individual, inherent in this policy is the request for a parent of a child on that team, who is fluent in the other language, to step forward to assist the coach with communications. The goal is to have a team of coaches/assistants who, together, can provide instruction and communicate to players and their parents in both English and French.

Coaches will be informed of our bilingual policy at the coaches meeting at the beginning of the season. The bilingualism policy is available on the Soccer Chelsea website.


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