Code Of Conduct

Code of conduct document

Player Contract

  1. I will play by the rules of the game and in the spirit of the game.
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  3. I will respect my opponents.
  4. I will respect the officials and their decisions.
  5. I understand that as a member of this team I have certain responsibilities, such as attending practices and doing my best. I will work hard to live up to these.
  6. Winning isn’t everything. Having fun, improving my skills, and doing my best is what is most important.
  7. I will remember that both scoring a goal and getting scored on is the result of a team effort, acknowledging those who assist me and sharing the responsibility for goals scored by the opposition or bad team play.
  8. I will be respectful of the coaches and do my best to follow their instructions. I also understand that the coaches welcome my input and will not hesitate to approach them with my own ideas and suggestions, or with any problems or issues which may arise.
  9. I will respect fellow team mates at all times. If a team mate makes a mistake I will support her and not criticize.
  10. I am committed to this team for the entire season, and will notify my coaches of vacation periods.
  11. I will come to practices prepared to work hard and to participate in all activities to my best ability. I will try to arrive 30 minutes before game time to do a proper warm-up.
  12. If I must miss a practice or a game, I will contact the coaches or manager in advance. I understand that I might not play in the following game if I miss a practice without good reason or if I do not notify the coach or manager of my absence in advance.

Parent Contract

  1. I will encourage and support the concepts outlined in the players’, parents’, and coaches’ contracts at all times. These concepts are:

    1. Respecting the rules (as set out by ARSO and team policies).
    2. Respecting the opponents.
    3. Respecting the officials and their decisions.
  2. I will remember that my child plays soccer for his/her enjoyment, not mine.
  3. I will leave the coaching to the coaches and not interfere with or undermine the coaches at any time. I will encourage my child to play in a manner consistent with the coaches’ direction or plan. I know that I am welcome to communicate any suggestions I may have for the team to the coaches after games or practices.
  4. I will remember that adolescents learn by example. I will applaud good plays and performances by both my child’s team and their opponents. I will only give supportive comments from the sidelines.
  5. I will try to ensure that my child is on the field at the appointed time so that pre-game and pre-practice preparations can be done in a timely manner. If possible, I will try to get my child to the field 30 minutes prior to game time in order to do a proper team warm-up.
  6. I will make every reasonable effort to have my child attend all scheduled practices and games. I will remind my child to contact the coach if s/he is unable to attend for any reason. I understand that failure to attend practice without good reason and/or without notifying coaches will mean that my child may not play in the next game.
  7. I will notify the coaches as soon as possible if my child is not able to commit to this team for the entire season. I will notify the team manager of family holidays as soon as I know the dates.
  8. I agree that playing soccer is a privilege and as a parent I may feel it appropriate to limit my child’s participation if responsibilities such as participation in family matters or attention to school work are deemed important. I will inform the coaches promptly if this is the case and can expect their support.

Coach Contract

As a coach, my job will be to ensure that players develop and refine their soccer skills, play fair, work hard, learn to be part of a team effort, and have fun. I agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. I will actively encourage and support the rules of the game and the rules of fair play as defined by ARSO (the regional soccer association). This includes respecting opponents and respecting officials and their decisions.
  2. I will do my best to be organized and prepared for practices and games to optimize our time together.
  3. I will not be critical of players, opponents, officials, or other coaches. Any feedback I feel I need to provide will be done in a positive manner.
  4. I will treat all players fairly and with respect.
  5. I will respond to and be aware of the safety of players.
  6. I will emphasize team-building, development of technical skills, and appreciation for the game of soccer.
  7. I understand that it is my job to serve the needs of the players first, and not those of parents and/or coaches.
  8. I will teach players to work hard to win, but not to win at all costs. I will give all players an equivalent amount of playing time, unless practices have been missed without reason and /or notification.
  9. I remain open to ideas and suggestions from the players.

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