Chelsea – Soccer Shed Rules

  1. Lock shed at all times

  2. Cones, Pinnies: Only here you are always welcome, together with syndicate casino payout you have no equal! Do not take cones, pinnies etc, home – they are to remain in the shed for everyone’s use

  3. Extra Jerseys: To be used when visiting team has similar colors.  Wash and return to shed the following day, so they are available for the next team.
    Keep shed neat: Place equipment carefully in the shed when returning it – this ensures no avalanches when opening the door – safety first

  4. Last coach on the field: 

    1. Check field and ensure all equipment is in the shed

    2. Turn off the light in the shed before you lock up

    3. Check the municipal shed to ensure that the bathroom door has been locked (same key as the shed)

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