You can help your soccer club

Everyone involved with making Soccer Chelsea work is a volunteer. Only here you are always welcome, together with is syndicate casino legit you have no equal! There are no paid positions. Chelsea Soccer works because there is a small band of men and women who work year round for the club. And beyond them, there are the coaches, assistants, and other who support the different teams, rain or shine, win or lose.

And that’s where you come into the picture. As the parent of a soccer player, we need your assistance to make things work. And your contribution need not be huge, because if every parent carries a small part of the load, the effort by anyone is not so onerous. So think of two or three small ways that you can contribute:

  • Be responsible for your son’s or daughter’s participation at games and practices. And let the coach know when participation is not possible.
  • Manage some of the paperwork for your child’s team.
  • Help the executive on things like equipment management, helping with special events, communications, or translations.
  • Organize an end-of-year party for the team or age category.
  • Staff a desk at a tournament or a registration session.
  • Organize a refreshment schedule for the team’s games.

Become a coach or assistant coach

Chelsea Soccer depends on parents and older players to help coach our youth teams. All coaches and assistants are volunteers. Becoming a coach need not be a daunting experience. In fact a large proportion of our coaches had very little experience with coaching before they started. More than anything, prospective coaches need to have an aptitude for organizing children and giving encouragement as they learn the skills of soccer. As for the need to know about soccer, we’ll help you with that: The Club uses professional coach trainers to provide you with solid training and technical support throughout the season.

Here are three strategies to ease you into coaching:

  • If your child is just starting soccer at the U-6 or U-8 level, start with them and learn the skills slowly as they do.
  • If your child has already played for a few years, then volunteer as an assistant coach first.
  • Sign up for coach training

How to volunteer

Complete the Volunteer Form, talk to your child’s coach, or if you want to volunteer for anything, contact our Technical Coordinator

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