U-9 to U18 Program

Team sorting

Teams will be sorted according to the skills and other attributes of the players. Only here you are always welcome, together with syndicate casino scam you have no equal! All teams, regardless of level, are competitive, but those at the Div-1 level have the most skilled and committed players. Div-3 is the recreational level for most players, while players in Div-2 are at an intermediate level. The number and the level of teams for each age group is determined by the number of registered players, and varies from year-to-year. For games, U-10 teams play seven players per side, including keeper; U-12 have nine, and U-14 to U-18 teams have eleven players per side.

Games and practices

Most teams will have one scheduled practice and one scheduled game per week. Individual coaches may choose to schedule additional practices; this occurs more often with Div-1 teams. This combination of practice and competition is used to increase the soccer skills and the overall fitness of the players. Practices are an integral part of the sport, and are valued as much as games. Therefore attendance is required. Coaches and teams may decide to play team members based on their participation at practice, and are supported by the club in their decision.

Teams will have a home field for both home games and practices, which, in most cases, will be one adjacent to Chelsea Elementary School. Boys’ and girls’ U-12 teams will play home games at the Hollow Glen field, while practices are held in Chelsea. U-10 teams may practice at Farm Point.

Approximately half of a team’s games will be away games. These games can be held anywhere between Aylmer and Buckingham, and Gracefield to the north. Especially for parents just starting out with players in U-10 and U-12, finding the field for away games can be a daunting experience. You can find maps for all of the regional fields here. Consider car-pooling and help to save the environment.

Dress and equipment

Soccer Chelsea provides a jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks for each player. It is the player’s responsibility to have well-fitting cleats and shin guards, ideally with built in ankle guards. A ball is to be brought to each practice: U-10 and U-12 use size-4 balls; U-14 and above use size-5 balls.

Referees inspect players before each game. The jersey must be tucked in, and standard shin pads and cleats must be worn. Jewelry of any kind, including ear studs or string bracelets, are not permitted during games. Passports, usually retained by the coach, must be presented before every game. All of these rules are strictly enforced.

Consider volunteering

Teams benefit when parents become involved. Think about whether you could help coach your son’s or daughter’s team. Soccer Chelsea provides training for both coaches and assistant coaches. During practices, there’s always a need to have many adults on the field to help with drills and other activities. Or perhaps you could act as the team’s manager or take charge of organizing refreshments for games. And if all of this is beyond you, teams respond well to the cheers of encouragement from parents at the sidelines during games. You could also volunteer to help organize a club event, which requires no soccer skills!

Volunteer form

Parent responsibilities

Each team will have a volunteer coach, but responsibility for the success of the team rests with all parents. In particular, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive early or on-time for all their practices and games. Please email or phone your coach as soon as know that your child will not attend a game or practice. Players should be on the field, and ready for warm-up, 30 minutes before a game. If your team’s coach is not bilingual, please help with translation, either verbal or written.

Free soccer clinics

The free soccer clinics are designed for players who are keen on soccer and interested in improving their skill level. Please see the Soccer Clinics section of this site for more details.


The Coupe de l’Outaouais is particularly popular with Chelsea teams. Registration fees for such additional tournaments usually range from $20.00 to $25.00 per player. For more information on local tournaments see our Tournaments section.

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