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All players from U9 to U18 participate in team sorting: players are evaluated in both indoor and outdoor sessions against a series of criteria, such as level of fitness, ball handling, shooting, speed, attitude and team play. Only here you are always welcome, together with syndicate casino bonus code you have no equal!  Players are then placed on teams that best support the skill development of the largest number of players.

Player Evaluations Process

Player evaluations are executed in 3 steps:

Team divisions

For the age categories from U-10 through U-18, Chelsea teams may be formed for three different divisions:

Div 1: Highly skilled players who prioritize team practices, games and tournaments. Players are available for 1 or 2 games and 2 mandatory practices a week, as well as two special training sessions and 3 or 4 tournaments.  Players will be absent for no more than 3 weeks during the season. 

Div 2: Skilled players who are committed to team practices, games and tournaments.  This is considered a development level for players who would like to develop their skills to play Div 1 in future.  Players are available for 1 game and 1 or 2 practices per week an optional special training session and 2 or 3 tournaments. Because age groups are formed of players whose age varies by up to 24 months, players often alternate between Div 1 and Div 2, depending on their age.

Div 3: Players who are developing their skills and who seek fun, fitness and social interaction through soccer. These players are reasonably committed to attending practices and games.  Players are available for 1 game and 1 or 2 practices per week (especially at the beginning of the season), an optional special training session and 1 or 2 tournaments.

Factors used in Team Selection

There is no magical formula for sorting the teams, thus we employ a standardized selection process (see our web site for the methodology documentation) which also takes the following factors into consideration:

Skill Level: Soccer Chelsea aims to form teams that offer the best skill development opportunity for the greatest number of players in a specific age category. Where teams within the same age category are assigned to different divisions (1 through 3), the player’s skill level is an important selection factor.  Commitment to soccer and a positive attitude are also important determinants.

Player’s Attitude: Soccer is a team sport.  A player’s personal drive, a willingness to contribute to the play of the team (as opposed to individual plays), the player’s sense of fair play and the player’s respect for coaches, officials, team members and opponents are factors taken into consideration.

Commitment: Higher skilled teams require players to have a higher level of commitment to team participation throughout the entire soccer season. This is seen through the player’s attendance at games, practices and tournaments and their contribution to team play.

Balancing Teams: When more than one team plays in the same division, we will strive to balance the abilities of the teams.  In addition to the scheduled team selection sessions, we may schedule exhibition games before the season starts to help balance the teams. 

Special Requests for Specific Teams:

For age groups U10 and over, written request will only be accepted prior to the beginning of team selection.  However we do not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the requests because all players are evaluated during a selection process and will be assigned to the appropriate team according to their abilities. Once teams have been determined, the only changes made will be based on ensuring the teams are balanced, when there is more than one team at the same level.  Any special requests based on friendships or car pooling must be made in advance of team selection.

What happens if I miss the selections?

Players who do not attend the selection process will be placed on a Div 3 team.  If their level of play is noticeably stronger than D3, they may be evaluated for Div 2. The evaluation must be completed by a minimum of 3 independant evaluators. The evaluators will communicate their recommendation to the Technical Coordinator, who will confirm the recommendation as appropriate.  The AGC of that age group will communicate the placement with the player/family. If apporpriate, the same process may occur for placement on the Div 1 team, however the player must demonstrate significant superiority on the field.

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